ICYMI: Pekau on FNC’s ‘America’s Newsroom’ with Dana Perino & Bill Hemmer

US Air Force, Decorated Combat Veteran, Mayor

Orland Park, IL—This morning, Mayor Keith Pekau joined Fox News Channel’s America’s Newsroom with Dana Perino and Bill Hemmer to discuss the likely impact of the SAFE-T Act, and the failed governance of JB Pritzker and Lori Lightfoot.

Watch the full interview here.

Key points:

Perino: “The Governor [of Illinois] is a very left-wing Democrat. Is he listening to any of you?

Pekau: He is not listening to us on this, and historically he doesn’t really listen to any of us. He does whatever he feels like. He did the same thing through COVID: didn’t listen to us. It’s not a surprise that he’s not listening. It’s also not a surprise that they [the Illinois legislature] passed this back in January of last year, and waited until January of 2023 to put it into effect. It’s because they knew the impact that this was going to have and they didn’t want to be running for election after voters saw the impact of such a horrible law.

Hemmer: Why do those who support this law want it in Illinois?

Pekau: I have no idea why someone would want this. It clearly puts citizens and police officers at risk in favor of criminals who are violent. It puts us all at risk. It gets worse than being released without bail. When this goes into effect in January of 2023, a police officer will not be allowed to remove someone from your property for trespassing. They can take residence in your shed, your pool, in a business, and all police can do is ticket someone. By law, they’re not going to be allowed to touch someone to remove them from those premises. Think about how dangerous that will be with people forced to take the law into their own hands.

On Lori Lightfoot shipping Texas migrants to the suburbs:

Pekau: Lori Lightfoot presides over a Sanctuary city, and when migrants are sent there, she immediately ships them to a suburb. If they are sent to our suburb, the first thing we have to do is make sure that those migrants are housed humanely. We’re not going to put them back on a bus like cattle. That’s just inappropriate. To treat people like that – regardless of their circumstances – is just plain wrong. We have to take care of those people, make sure they’re safe first. Then think about keeping our communities safe. And the fact is the migrants, as we know, are not properly vetted… and we turn around and we have a law that doesn’t allow people to be kept behind bars … what in the world could possibly go wrong with all of those factors being put together?