ICYMI: Tucker Carlson Calls out Illinois’ Insane SAFE-T Act, Plays Viral Video of Pekau Statement

“Politicians in Illinois just legalized violent crime against you.”

Orland Park, IL—Last night, on FNC’s Tucker Carlson Tonight, in an episode about the rise in violent crime across the nation, host Tucker Carlson slammed Illinois’ SAFE-T Act. The segment featured the now-viral video of Orland Park Mayor Keith Pekau describing the outrageous law.

Commenting on the SAFE-T Act, Carlson stated, “How does this work, exactly? Is this such a Low-T country that no one is going to do anything about this?

“Politicians in Illinois just legalized violent crime against you, and no one’s done anything about it. A lot of these people are going to be re-elected in November… really? How does that work? Where is the constituency for violent crime in this country? Is there anyone who’s for it… other than Kamala Harris, Ron Klain and the ideolouges who run this administration? Most people are not for it. Even most Democrats are not for it.

“The SAFE-T Act of Illinois stands for “Safety, Accountability, Fairness and Equity, Today.” So, the reason they’re doing this is that they didn’t like the demographic breakdown of people who were getting arrested for crimes… It was ideologically inconvenient for them, so the solution is to just legalize murder, and kidnapping and tresspassing.”

Watch the segment here.

Mayor Pekau, a candidate for Congress (IL-06), commented on the feature, saying: “I’m grateful national news outlets have reported on the SAFE-T Act. As I said in my statement, it’s an extremely dangerous law, and everyone needs to be aware of what’s in it.

“It would have been nice if our Chicago and Illinois press corps would have – for a minute – played the role of watchdog to inform people about the implications of Governor Pritzker’s SAFE-T Act. But instead they remained quiet about it, in favor of hit pieces on Republicans – as though they were the communications arm of the Democrat Party.

“Illinoisans should take careful note of who informed them about this legislation, and who put them at risk by either voting for it, supporting it or keeping it quiet.”