Nancy Pelosi Throws Millions Behind Sean Casten

“Pelosi and her political allies are propping up one of their favorite candidates because they know his voting record is out of step with the new 6th District”

Orland Park, IL— Last week, Nancy Pelosi’s House Majority PAC threw  $1,979,695 into ad buys in the Chicago media market to support Congressman Sean Casten. Casten has one of the most partisan voting records in Congress and walks in lockstep with Pelosi.

Casten’s opponent Keith Pekau issued the following statement in response: “Pelosi and Casten are part of the gang in Washington DC that drove inflation rates to 9.1%, caused gas to skyrocket to nearly $6 per gallon in Cook and DuPage Counties, pushed anti-police policies and rhetoric that has led to soaring crime rates, and stoked deeply bitter partisan divides nationwide.

“If voters want to continue down that path, Sean Casten – Nancy Pelosi’s hand-picked candidate – is their guy. But the people I talk to everyday on the campaign trail are ready to bring common-sense back to Washington. As mayor of Orland Park,  I’ve reduced crime, reined in spending, and cut property tax rates. I am going to Congress to lead with common sense, put people over politics, and end the Pelosi-Casten era of out of control government.”